This website is a compilation of research partially funded by the Robin Rigby Trust which is administered through the the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Resarch at Saint Mary's University in Halifax. Robin, pictured to the right, began her undergraduate degree at St Mary's at age 16. (See Robin's Story page)

Since 2008, thirty-one individuals have received funding for coastal communities research through the Trust. A separate page briefly profiles each recipient. Their midterm and final reports along with perhaps a thesis and/or related material will be linked as they become available. We will also try to keep up to date on where they are and what they are doing.

The Trust rules are designed to encourage researchers in Canada to work with overseas coastal communities while researchers outside Canada are encouraged to connect with coastal community partners in Atlantic Canada.

Tax deductible donations to support the research are welcomed and may be made to the Robin Rigby Trust through The Faculty of Graduate Studties and Research at Saint Mary's University