Profile: Shane Theunissen

Shane Theunissen¡¯s project is entitled: Promoting partnerships to serve youth in coastal communities: Beginning with a comprehensive needs assessment. He is working with the Izivunguvungu organization in South Africa, which is an organization in a coastal community striving to Sail, Sing and Study towards a Secure Future. The organization offers a unique combination of sailing and music projects for the benefit of the youth from disadvantaged communities.

The general development and educational program with disadvantaged communities aims to train students through courses that enable skills in wood/metal/fiberglass and paint work, thus helping towards job opportunities or self-employment.

Shane has a Master of Arts in Education from Queen¡¯s University, and a PhD in International Development Studies from Saint Mary¡¯s University. He has his post PhD interest and career development on coastal youth skill training and coastal development in the Simon¡¯s town in South Africa (Cape of Good Hope). Shane has a long career as an educator, including helping to create an environmental education program in Attawapiskat, Ontario.