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Anuradha (Anu) Rao

Whale Release and Stranding Group Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s, NL


Kommetjie Environmental Awareness Group; Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa, 

Kommetjie, South Africa

Coastal Restoration, Access and Employment in Kommetjie, South Africa

Environmental degradation; sand dune rehabilitation; invasive species; native vegetation; public access to coastal areas; capacity building.

Tiffanie Rainville

School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Dalhousie  University, Halifax


Coordinadora Nacional para la Defensa del Ecosistema Maglar (C-CONDEM), Quito,

Portovelo, Manabí and

Muisne, Esmeraldas

Impacts of Climate Change on Coastal Communities: A Case Study of Vulnerability and Resilience in Ecuador

Climate change; mangrove forest ecosystems; coastal communities; resource rehabilitation; vulnerability; resilience.

Melanie (Mel) Zurba

Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba


Girringun Aboriginal Corporation, Northern Queensland, Australia

How Well is Co-management Working? A Comparative Investigation of Indigenous Coastal Protected Area Co-management Systems in Australia

Co-management of resources; indigenous communities; coastal protected areas; stewardship; marine Indigenous Protected Area; participatory art.


Le Vangie

Institute of Island Studies, UPEI 


Health Centre of the Williche; Williche Council of Chiefs

Chiloe Island, Chile

Islands of Medicine: Exploring Nosology and Nissology on the Island of Chiloé, Chile

Traditional healing;  herbal medicine; island communities; indigenous knowledge.

Jocelyne Rankin

Ecology Action Centre, Halifax


Nelson Landcare Research Nelson Region, South Island, New Zealand

Climate Change Adaptation for Water Resources in New Zealand

Climate change; sea-level rise; water stewardship; land trusts; restoration of natural coastal ecosystems.

Shannon Arnold

Ecology Action Centre, Halifax 


NGOs for Fisheries Reform; Green Forum Visayas; Institute of Fisheries Studies and Development Studies Caluya Islands,West Visayas, Philippines

The Significance of Seaweed Farming to Rural Coastal Communities in the Western Visayas Region, Philippines

Seaweed farming; sustainable livelihoods; unsustainable tourism development; community visioning and planning

Fishers’ knowledge and science; small pelagic fisheries; community collaborative research.

Barbara Paterson

Ma-Re Institute, University of Cape Town; Namibia


Community-University Research for Recovery Alliance, MUN

Bonne Bay, Newfoundland

Namibian-Canadian Joint Research into the Socio-ecology of Purse-Seine Fisheries in Bonne Bay, NL and Walvis Bay, Namibia

Emilie Novaczek

University of King’s College, Halifax


CORALINA and the Seaflower MPA

San Andres Archipelago, Columbia

Carrying Capacity of Recreational Marine Use in the Seaflower  MPA

Marine Protected Areas management and enforcement;  financial sustainability; traditional livelihoods; monitoring.

Ashley Sprague

Ecology Action Centre, Halifax


CARIBSAVE; Partnership for Canadian-Caribbean Community Climate Canada Adaptation

Negril, Jamaica

Sustainable Climate Change Adaptation Solutions for Caribbean Coastal Communities

Coastal erosion; living shorelines; shoreline protection; capacity building; climate change impacts.

Abigail Franco Vazquez

Institute of Island Studies, UPEI


Island Institute, Maine Penobscot Bay, Maine, US; Chiloe Archipelago, Chile

Social Enterprises and Quality of Life in Small Island Communities

Vulnerability of small island societies; social enterprises; quality of life.

Samantha Page

Saint Mary’s University, Halifax


CARIBSAVE; Partnership for Canadian-Caribbean Community Climate Canada Adaptation;  Environment Tobago Tobago

Coastal Vulnerability and Adaptation Solutions to Sea Level Rise in Tobago

Sea level rise; assessing community vulnerability; shoreline protection; comparative cross-cultural research.

Meagan Symington and Amy Berry

Saint Mary’s University, Halifax


Nova Scotia Gambia Association; Community Based Environmental Monitoring Network

The Gambia

Peer Education on Coastal Impacts of Climate Change

Adverse effects of climate change; saltwater intrusion; water security; peer education; capacity building.

Tyler Eddy Dalhousie University, Halifax 2012-13

Charles Darwin Foundation Galapagos Islands

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Rights-Based Management for the Bacalao Fishery at the Galapagos Marine Reserve Best management practices; bacalao; artisanal fishery; rights-based fishery management.
Cintia Gillam St. Mary's University 2013-14 Vila Esperanca and Vila dos Pescadores, Cubatao, Brazil Socioeconomics crab gathering and coastal conservation Marginal communities; socioeconomics; crab fishing; mangroves; resource management; community leadership.
Luisa Ramirez Wilfrid Laurier University 2013-14 ASOPEMABE assoc. Fisherman & mangrove users, Berrugas-Sucre, Columbia Governance & social-ecological interactions in 4 MPA's Sucre Prov, Columbia MPA's governance; top-down approach; local community engagement; policy versus practics, conservation; community expectations.
Alessia Kockel University of Victoria 2014-15 CCC - Coral Bay Conservation, and LAMAVE - Large Marine Vertebrates Project Philippines Design of ecological network plan for Sogod Bay, Southern Leyte, Philippines

Engaging stakeholders
bio-diversity; conservation; MPA network plan; habitat protection

Jessica MacIntosh


Zahidah Afrin

Former Coordinator OCEANS - NS

Former Nippon Research Fellow

2014-15 Network of Fishers cooperatives and associations

Strengthening fishers governance capacity & policy interface at local level Carriacou & Petite Martinque Grenada

MPA governance & structure; top down approach; co-management; fishers engagement & coop structure; resource sustainability; marina development

Sahir Advani University of British Columbia 2015-16 Dakshin Foundation Sustainable value chain management in Nicobar & Andaman Islands fisheries. Comparative analysis of cultural & economic values -one mainly indigenous, the other recent migrant and commercial.
Jonathan Clapperton Extension of ethnographic & environmental research focused on aquaculture. 2016-17 Squaxin Island Tribe members in southern area of Puget Sound Squaxin Island, Puget Sound, Washington State, USA. Aquaculture practiced by Indigenous peoples in southern Puget Sound. In-digenous knowledge of aquaculture in themanagement of eco-systems & community sustainability.
Cintia Gillam St Mary's University 2017-18 Roman Luan (NG)) Atauro Island, Timor-Leste Traditional Community Conservation tara bandu and effectiveness of MPA's in Timor-Leste Traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) conservation household economy gender roles
Isa Elegbede Complement to PhD Brandenburg Technical University 2018-19 Mi'kmaw Conservation Group The Confederacy of Mainland Nova Scotia Assess policy for indigenous certification American lobster fishery

Indigenous knowledge fishery sustainability economic livelihood

Maryann Watson Assessment of government-indigenous partnerships in fisheries management 2018-19 Te Runango a Ngui Tahu Collaboration CPA/ area based management

TEK fishery sustainability

Manuel Dureuil Dalhousie University 2018-19 Biosfera, Sao Vincente

Cape Verde Archipelago
Cabo Verde Elasmobranch Research

education, fisheries and conservation strategies, sharks, skates & rays

Tamara Britton Western University 2018-19 Pacoche Coastal & Marine Wildlife Reserve, Ecuador Community-Based Approach to Natural Resource Management

management, community participation

Roshni Mangar University of British Columbia 2019-20 Dakshin Foundation CSocio-economic assessment of bottom trawling SE India

Management, Bottom trawling fisheries

Shane Theunissen Mount Saint Vincent University 2019-20 Izivungugungu Foundation for Youth Developing skills in boat building Boat building, self imployment, skill development
Richard Nyiawung University of Guelph 2019-20 TRY Oyster Women's Association
Coastal community led economic development oyster, conservation, management