Profile: Michael Petriello

Arctic Visions: Uniting Inuit Knowledge with Participatory Photography to Protect Coastal Lifeways and Ecosystems in Nunatsiavut

Dalhousie University post doctoral scholar, Dr Petriello is attempting to use visual techniques to bring together Inuit and western scientific knowledge to understand and explore the varied cultural and institutional landscapes that mediate coastal conservation in Inuit Nunangat and Atlantic Canada.The project is linked to a project co-led by the Nunatsiavut Government, Dalhousie and Memorial University the Sustainable Nunatsiavut Futures Project.

The Arctic Visions project will use participant-derived images to explore how environmental issues extend from lived experiences and the meanings ascribed to those experiences. Inuit Participants will be interviewed individually or in focus groups to understand why they took the photographs, what they represent, and the knowledge embedded in them.

Project team members and participants will then discuss how the values, hopes, and knowledge tied to the images can be used to guide climate adaptation and resilience strategies in the region. Long-term goals include 1) the development of a Labrador Inuit-led participatory visual methods program to help inform responses to climate change in the Nunatsiavut region; 2) the curation of visual exhibits showcasing the findings from this work; and 3) the expansion of this project to other communities across Inuit Nunaat.


Petriello Midterm Report (pdf)