Profile: Richard Nyiawung


Richard Nyiawung's project is entitled: Understanding coastal community-led socio-economic development and conservation initiatives in The Gambia, West Africa. His research focuses on how coastal communities lead socio-economic development and conservation, especially on women oyster fishers in the Great Banjul Area at the mouth of the Gambia River. The project aims to understand how people are using their local fisheries, and how the fishery interacts with other aspects of their food systems, including food security. The research will help to understand the implications of social-ecological changes on women¡¯s livelihoods, the impact of social innovations, and keys for success.

Richard Nyiawung is a PhD student in Geography and International Developmen, University of Guelph. Richard¡¯s interests focus on coastal communities resilience, their responses to environmental change through innovations and transformation, why they innovate, and how these affect their core values or create opportunities that strengthen their community for the future.

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