Profile: Roshni Mangar

RoshniĄ¯s research assesses the socio-economic aspects of bottom trawling in the Tamil Nadu coast, Southeast India, focusing on bridging science and policymaking. Her research aims to provide guidance for resource managers and policymakers on how restricting destructive bottom trawl fisheries can affect the people associated with the industry in Tamil Nadu. Although the trawl industry provides employment to the local population, it leads to ecological damage in the area. Her work aims to promote societal change by improving management and policymaking for the trawl industry and building a collaborative network for continued influence on the trawl fisheries.

Roshni is collaborating with the Dakshin Foundation, an NGO which actively works on promoting environmental justice, social development and sustainable livelihoods.

Roshni is a Master of Science student (Oceans and Fisheries) at the University of British Columbia. Her previous research focused on coral reef restoration, marine education and the conservation of marine mammals.